July 29, 2007
5 Liner Update

Went to Teefy's Church for the 2nd time.

They were shorthanded so I was their sound man / bassist (laugh shortie).

I managed to know more people this time round.

I've been busy working for my sis as a freelumce leesainer.

Might be visiting a small group soon.

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July 26, 2007

One of our lessons was on communication and our lecturer decided that it'd be fun to bring us around the city. So our first stop for this week was the State Library.

This is just one of the few statues around the entrance of the library

They were having a famous photographer's exhibition who took famous people so evidently the title of the show was called, "FAMOUS". So the letter O had Eminem over it.

A section of the exhibition.

That's Tom Green on the nearest photo.

Then we headed to the higher floors to explore and found a place full of Victorian history.

The room was filled with different canvas drawings on the history of Victoria.

Some sculptures of famous people.

This is called the Dome. Its a huge dome full of Victorian architecture. You have to be here to experience its beauty.

I tried to capture the whole of it. ]:

The lovely study lamps they have. Best of all, you can just walk in here any time of the day to mug.

July 24, 2007
Visual Feast!

So today we had a 2 hour lunch break. Since the weather's changed to all sunny and fair, we decided to take a walk at one of the parks in the city. Introducing...

Magnificent view. Standing in the middle of two rows of tall trees leading to the centre of the structure. We just stood there and marveled or maybe it was just I who awed away.

The fountain that I got fascinated with.

See I told you!

I also have this fetish for trees.

See I told you again!

Some more close ups! :D

One of the back alley pathways at school

View from my classroom

I stood in the middle of the road to take this photo.

This's one of my lecturers. Leo.. He's by far the more engaging one.

spooked. More to come. :D

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July 22, 2007
5 Liner

Its time for my 5 liner update!

Teefy fell really sick so I went to look after her the past 2 days or so.

I, too, had a very bad cough with phlegm that can shoot out like webs from spider man. EEE

I heard that Nubian Gents were very good! That's great to hear.

I've been here now for 16 days and I'm slipping into the trend of how things function here.

I miss everyone back home.

(More pictures soon.)

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July 18, 2007

Today we had orientation instead of class. Piang, they forced us to sit through this 2 hour long- different talks and dense info session. The funny part was at the end they gave each group a remote control where we could key in our answers to the questions flashed on the ppt. Their questions were with relation to all the different info that were thrown at our faces earlier. And with four of us just about to fall asleep, we managed to win this mini competition amongst different courses. Very lame coz our prizes were EITHER a highlighter OR a bar of chocolate. HAHA. I know what you all thinking one lor! No lor! I had the highlighter!!!

Then after school, Teefy and I went to meet up with Nobody Else(Stephen) who was in town and brought him around to have a meal and some supermarketing. This Nobody Else never changed one bit lor! I asked him where's he at currently,

he replied: "Blueberry Close"
me: "HAR? Got such place ah?"
he: "Its just at the junction of Victoria St and Blueberry St."
me: " I think you better ask your friend where exactly is that place lor"
he: "Orh he say, Bouverie Close"
me: -_-

hahha but we had lotsa fun and its great to meet up a brother like him down here. More details about our eventful outing, you can refer to Teefy's blog. :]

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July 17, 2007

Wah! Teefy made Pork Stew for dinner!

Today's weather is mad! The wind was howling through the night. The worse thing was when I was about to leave for school, it rained quite heavily! Piang! How mightily cold is that lor!

Anyway, its prolly one of the coldest days by far and what better way to end the day with Teefy's family secret recipe meal, Pork Stew! Wah I tell you, the meat- ultra tender! The gravy- lagi best! Yummayyy.

Aight its back to reading. Take care you guys.


July 16, 2007
1st day.

Hi everyone, just a quick update on my first day for the semester..

My mondays will be the busiest day of the week. With classes commencing at 8.30am - 4.30pm. Oh well but the feeling of being able to sit down and listen to a lecturer speak again is great! Plus! Thursdays I've got only one lesson and my Fridays are OFF! hehehehe.

Things have been very good thanks to all your prayers and encouragements. You guys should update often too so I know what's going on back home. :] Miss y'all. (chehh)


July 14, 2007

Most mornings I walk pass this park that's located along Lygon Street. Its abit small but its good enough to look at and I like it.

When the sun sets,


July 13, 2007

okok.. more like hiao..

Today, Teefy and I made a trip into the city in search of good food. The past few places we tried were either mediocre or plain rip off. -grumbles- So we went round and round Bourke Street (Melbourne's lil chinatown) and finally settled for "Camy Restaurant".

Initial impression was "bahh.. soso la" but then when the food arrived we were quickly turned over. I had a bowl of noodles with fried fish and salted veggie, added some vinegar and it was dang good I tell ya. The noodles came with no sauce or whatsoever but the fish was full of flavour! Great combination! Plus it was at a reasonable price. :]

Cut the long story short, we bought hair dye and decided to do sth to our hair through the afternoon so once we're done we can have dinner! How efficient!

I didn't want to do some whole head thing so we got the plastic head cover and Teefy too just wanted something simple. K DON'T LAUGH.

So what happened was, Teefy had to patiently pluck out strands of hair and apply the dye for me.. Kudos to her la!

Tadaa! Thanks Teefy.. For hiaoness and laughter.

July 12, 2007

As promised previously, here's the ultimate post! k la, its prolly not that ultimate as it seems but I found it really really HILARIOUS!!

Ok so today we're gonna play a game called, WO CHAI WO CHAI WO CHAI CHAI DAO LE! (I guess I guess I guess guessed it). To set the mood, I start off by giving you one picture to familiarise yourselves with the era we're in.

p.s please click on the pictures to enlarge to get a better/clearer look.

I present you.... (cowbell roll)... "The Passion For Jesus, TC Camp"

from left, clockwise direction, we have: Mervin Tan, Dawn, Xiao Lin, Wan Ping, Mini Quack(ok yes i know), Aaron Fong, Derek, Chloe Tan, June Lin, Jonathan Lee, Weijie, Huijun & Jerming. If you've guessed all the names in the above picture correctly then you're ready to roll..

Next we have Advanced Stage: "Bind Us Together, Church Camp". Please guess them in groups of 4-5s. HA.

1. Big Weijie, Aaron Yeh, Mini Quack, Kelvin Watt!
2. Gabriel Song, Edgar Lai(whose pose never changes), Weisheng, Aaron Fong, James Tan
3. Biao-Ge, Duno Who, Alvin(Nana's Bro), Adrian Tang, Ah Goon
4. Nana, Jesline(James Tan's Sis), Huijun, June, Wan Ping, Yoke Hiong

Finally the Ultimate Stage:

1. Shawn Kok
2. June
3. Pin Fen
4. Desmond Seow
5. Aaron Yeh
6. Chen Jer Huih (Jerming's Bro)
7. Janice Poon
8. Clarine Cheo (PD's Sister)
9. Chen Jer Shih

Congratchurasions! You managed to guess ppl with large horn rimmed glasses!


July 11, 2007
More photos plus a nice catch up

I managed to meet up with an old friend(ex classmate in secondary school) of mine today. Wayne (Sim) has been here for many years now and he's very much the opposite of who I am. Oh well, somehow we managed to clique well through our fairfield days.

He brought me to this Japanese restaurant where they sold bentobox meals. Was good seh. So over lunch we were reminiscing the past school days- He was my "back of the class" seat buddy and before he became prefect, the two of us were the only av reps for our class. Our form/chinese teacher was this old lady(Zhang Lang) who would always want the hi fi system up with her mic plugged in before her lessons starts. So fancy us being the av reps, we were the two guys who had to always carry and set up her precious hi fi system. Thing was, since we both didn't really like chinese lessons, we took our own sweet time to set up everything, everytime. Delaying as much as we could hahaaha.

Anyway, Wayne was kind enough to bring me around to different parts of the city. Managed to find out some new and comfy places. After all these years, prolly 9 years and counting, we're still just the same old buddies that we were. :]

So this is the typical Wayne Sim look. Busy and flustered with work.

Oh ya, I didn't have a chance to really talk bout what I happened yesterday but you can find out more here. Basically the photos will just describe what happened la. My brains were prolly frozen so my body just acted on its own. Then we have:

That's Roche, Nutella and Snickers Gelato for me.

And a nice evening shot along Russell St.

State Library.

Swanston St.

Now for the benefit of those(SHORTIE) who've been requesting more pictures of my place:

Yea as you can see its the door into my room

Then thats when my room door is closed with my luggage standing along the cupboard. Plus the hall

The other half of the hall with a door leading to a walkway. Turn left my room, turn right housemate's room + toilet/laundry/shower. I've got a special post coming up soon. Its gonna blow your minds away. CHEH.


July 10, 2007
Visual Appetizer

It's definitely not a feast. I only have enough for an appetizer or so. -_-
Things have been smooth going the past few days.. no freak happenings or sickness. Thanks to everyone back home praying :]. I miss you all very much. (and jie especially HA)
Here're some random photos:

I promise to put up some of the city/shops photos soon. Just needa go extract it from Teefy's camera.. Staye tuned guys :]


July 8, 2007

Hey all. Its been a great day today.. Had service at Teefy's church.

I must say they are a bunch of heartwarming, humble and family-like church. Everyone knows everybody around and they're just there to do what every christian does, serve God.

Reminds me of how during acsi times, our worship team back home had to setup every single equipment from the cables to instruments to mic stands to drumsets etc. then stripping everything again to keep them. Only this time, they had to transport the equipment to the main church then store it up there.

I think it'll take me awhile to get used to the way things happen down here. Nonetheless, I had a great day today.. Just grabbing subway then some power up gelati (ferrero roche flavour!)

Ok now onto parts of my room ya?

This is called the "Empty Space"

This one's called "Mess"

Ok I'm sorry.. getting a bit cranky liao.. I'll post up photos of this area soon :]


July 7, 2007
Day 2

All you noobs should be heading home by now after dinner and service. Thankfully today, Teefy was sooooo sweet. She offered to cook.....PASTA!! :]

Tasted great seh. ahaha and oh. that's my new leather jacket that Teefy got for me :]

Its freezing now. Gonna turn in soon guys..


July 6, 2007
Frozen Duck

Wah. Sorry man GH. I know I've always complained non stop "HOT DAO SI HOT DAO SI" now for once i'm chanting "COLD DAO SI COLD DAO SI". My nose is frozen from the winds that blast at you while you walk. To make it worse, rain drops patter non stop at your face.

On the contrary, I'm very thankful for Teefy. She stepped up in every situation to make sure that I'm all comfy and settled down. If you're reading this, thank you and i love you. :]

I miss my parents so much liao and of course everyone else back home, but time doesn't stop, so I'll see everyone soon.

Thank you all who came and sent Michelle and I off yesterday, we really appreciate it. Thanks for all the blessings and encouragement. God bless you all tremendously too :]


July 4, 2007

will it make it?! -_-