March 29, 2008
A taste of home tv.

I was so bored at school the other day that I decided to search for ch8 drama shows. Managed to find this dear,dear son in law show.. started from ep1 and laughed dao si at the ah gua guy.. i was laughing out loud in class till my classmates and cher were staring at me.. really glad to have such local dramas available for us sporeans abroad.. over here their drama shows are completely like days of our lives or general hospital, just that its called "neighbours" and they've been airing it for more than 10 yrs. gosh. so you can imagine the state i'm in from watching such orh si fied shows.

k back to gloomy skies and chilling/wet weather. autumn.

March 15, 2008
Locked out and grad for Maik.

Went for Maik's graduation ceremony today. Was quite funny coz I had to wear a shirt in the hot weather akakaka. But the highlight was when Maik's housemate Andrew came and asked me why didn't I buy flowers for Maik? I got stunned. I never knew you had to buy flowers for the person graduating. The last time I attended a grad ceremony was my sisters back in 2001 and we didn't bring any flowers plus it was sucha long time ago I had no clue.

So he was telling me that it was a must to get flowers for the grad person. Like the pictures won't be nice without flowers. So I'm starting to feel abit like crap, thinking, I'm the bf that has no clue about what to get or anything like that and this other guy knows everything. What kinda person am I sial. So I felt bad.

Then Andrew and I went together to go look for flowers. There were many bouquets displayed. Andrew asked me to look for one. I was walking around looking at what they had. "Gerberas, pink lilies. These would be what Maik like best", I thought to myself, but before I could pick them up, Andrew grabbed the largest bouquet of tulips & roses and asked the lady at the counter to wrap it. Stunned. but oh well. just move along.

Anyway, the graduation went well. Had fun talking to Uncle and making fun of people's names being read by the angmoh dean of faculty akaka. Maik was happy too with so much support from family and friends. Then we had a nice dinner at Shoya(japrestaurant) where Andrew paid for all. From there I went back and here I am. You can read more about the graduation at Maik's blog.

Time for the other story.

I'm sure many of you noobs have heard from evan that I got locked out from my house. hehehehehehehehehhe veh stupid and dumb situation for me.

Its prolly 1 of the worst case scenario ever to happen. Whatever that could go wrong, went wrong.

I'ma break it down for you guys:

Grabbed my bag, hp, wallet and keys. went to the hall clear rubbish. Left home.

11.02am (While en-route to school)
Thinking to myself: "eh ? did i put the keys into my bag? I rem taking them off my study table leh. but duno if i did put into my bag.". Stops to check. CRAP! Obviously they were no where near my bag la. So I started panicking.

11.10am(School Library)
Rushed to a computer terminal in the library. Searched Google and Yellow Pages for a locksmith nearest to my place. Saved the number and chiong out.

While walking back home, I called the locksmith. John Barnes Locksmith. ownage. Told me it'll cost $120 to unlock the door. Wah! You see. My first reaction was to call the locksmith because I didn't want my landlady to worry about the house. She lives faraway in the country side. So I decided not to call her at all and went straight to contacting the locksmith.

Anyway back to the locksmith.
Operator: "We'll send a guy over within an hour."
Me: "AN HOUR?! So I've to stand outside and wait for an hour?"
Operator: "yes."


Here comes the locksmith. He wanted to charge me $120 for opening 2 doors. 1 at the main gate to the apartments and 2nd one for my house door la. Thank God, the cleaner was around and he opened the main gate for me so I thought can save money liao.

Locksmith enters and stares into the keyhole.
Locksmith: "Oh my! This is going to be very difficult! It is a tough lock"
Me: "But are you able to open it?"
Locksmith: "Ya but it will take awhile."

Starts his prying and stuff. Takes out a gun-like equipment and starts shooting the keyhole non stop. "BANG BANG BANG BANG!" non stop I tell you. So I stood there.

Maikal turns up then later went to collect pizza. We were supposed to have lunch at my place. Apparently now its not gona be inside lor. We had to continue waiting for the locksmith to fiddle with the door.

Door still not opened. An hour has passed and this locksmith macam din graduate from lock school. So I had no choice but to tell him to leave but thankfully I din have to pay a single cent. Obviously not coz he din open my dang door la.

I had no choice but to call my landlady and she told me that some woman named Maria is going to come by and stay in the other room for a few months. So she asked me to contact her coz she has the spare keys.

Contacted Maria. Told me to wait for her at Dental Hospital. I googled dental hospital. It came up at some place that will take 10-15mins walk.

Walked round and round this building looking for an entrance den realised the whole place is fully fenced up without a single car/soul moving about. Called maikal den she checked the web and found out it was actually just 2 mins walk away frm her place.

Finally found dental hospital, waited for maria.

Maria came. Exchanged greetings. Then she opened her bag and gave me the horror look.
Maria: "Oh no, I'm so sorry! I left it in the other bag! Its at home!"

Me: "Oh its ok no worries" (piang eh)
Maria: You would have to wait for my brother to collect and bring later. I will call him.
Me: Oh thanks! Around what time?
Maria: "About 8pm"
Me: "ok thanks!" (Song boh)

Went to maikal's place to rest den went dinner den chill abit more. Meanwhile, my handphone batt died so i had to borrow maik's hp for the time being.

Waited at dental hospital again

Maria comes out and waits with me for her brother.

Maria calls her brother. Found out they not sure how to get to dental hospital. They went a wrong way.

Finally arrived got my keys. Thank God. almost 10 Hrs.

that was what happened. sanks.