July 18, 2007

Today we had orientation instead of class. Piang, they forced us to sit through this 2 hour long- different talks and dense info session. The funny part was at the end they gave each group a remote control where we could key in our answers to the questions flashed on the ppt. Their questions were with relation to all the different info that were thrown at our faces earlier. And with four of us just about to fall asleep, we managed to win this mini competition amongst different courses. Very lame coz our prizes were EITHER a highlighter OR a bar of chocolate. HAHA. I know what you all thinking one lor! No lor! I had the highlighter!!!

Then after school, Teefy and I went to meet up with Nobody Else(Stephen) who was in town and brought him around to have a meal and some supermarketing. This Nobody Else never changed one bit lor! I asked him where's he at currently,

he replied: "Blueberry Close"
me: "HAR? Got such place ah?"
he: "Its just at the junction of Victoria St and Blueberry St."
me: " I think you better ask your friend where exactly is that place lor"
he: "Orh he say, Bouverie Close"
me: -_-

hahha but we had lotsa fun and its great to meet up a brother like him down here. More details about our eventful outing, you can refer to Teefy's blog. :]

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