February 28, 2008

Today I had 3 hrs of programming and 3 hrs of GST. Plus its the end of week 3.

I'm having mixed feelings about the way things progress over here. On one hand, I'm glad that it feels like yesterday that I've landed but in actual fact it has been almost 2 weeks. On the other, it means I've to start keeping up with the pace of studying properly.

The past few days have been really gloomy, especially in the mornings. Every morning I wake up to an overcast sky. I get up to wash up and crawl back into bed almost immediately just to lay for a little longer. I wasn't late for classes hor.

Even today it was raining like mad when I was JUST about to step out of the house. Then I ransacked my whole room looking for the "slim and tiny" umbrella my sis got for me last year. Managed to find it within one of my old luggages.

I opened the brolly and to my horror, it was really, tiny. I had to pull it really close to my head. While doing so, my hair "kana kiap", so lost a few strands of hair along the way. akakakak. Quite cute la, this brolly. Its those type that any moment if you face it alongside the wind direction it'll just flip and be a mushroom. akakak.

ok la thanks jie for the wonderful jap super slim, tiny umbrerraa.

February 20, 2008
34 - 15

wah wah wah wah!
yesterday hot dao si! 34 degrees
today cold dao si! 15 degrees

heng i only need to go to sch for just 2 hrs today.. my programming teacher's -ahem- "different" but the way s-he teaches is veh good, veh easy to comprehend. Thank God for that.

oh ya! one of my subjects is taught by this singaporean guy. AHAH. power sial he's working for HP but he gian to teach students so he's part time teaching us. His name's GS TAY. okok hopefully can chum siong abit.. den got free HD! WHEE! cheh.

also, i wanna thank God that even though I arrived a week late, there wasn't much taught plus one of the main subjects has been rescheduled to commence on 3 March. We're combining with some other students frm the bachelors' so gotta start later. :]

so wassup everyone? is anybody still aliveee? akakaka.

February 19, 2008

Don't know why, but I've been slping quite alot since I landed. Somehow it's never enough leh. The stupid sun doesn't set till 8pm and rises at like 5-6am. Abit not used it.

Guess that's just the effects of experiencing my first summer here. Haven't been able to meet up with any friends here lately other than Kenneth my buddy.

Routine's just attending school in the mornings then back home rest, plan for dinner, have dinner, read up, talk to family then slp. ahahah.

Piang, now its raining! okok better grab dinner.

February 18, 2008

Hi everybody!
I've landed safely and settled down. Wanna thank everyone for their prayer and support. Especially the noobs for sending me off! Really appreciate it.

Its back to mugging and summer-hot-weather but nonetheless, I'll keep you guys updated while I'm away. Feel free to drop me any msgs k. Take care everyone!