July 13, 2007

okok.. more like hiao..

Today, Teefy and I made a trip into the city in search of good food. The past few places we tried were either mediocre or plain rip off. -grumbles- So we went round and round Bourke Street (Melbourne's lil chinatown) and finally settled for "Camy Restaurant".

Initial impression was "bahh.. soso la" but then when the food arrived we were quickly turned over. I had a bowl of noodles with fried fish and salted veggie, added some vinegar and it was dang good I tell ya. The noodles came with no sauce or whatsoever but the fish was full of flavour! Great combination! Plus it was at a reasonable price. :]

Cut the long story short, we bought hair dye and decided to do sth to our hair through the afternoon so once we're done we can have dinner! How efficient!

I didn't want to do some whole head thing so we got the plastic head cover and Teefy too just wanted something simple. K DON'T LAUGH.

So what happened was, Teefy had to patiently pluck out strands of hair and apply the dye for me.. Kudos to her la!

Tadaa! Thanks Teefy.. For hiaoness and laughter.


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