July 11, 2007
More photos plus a nice catch up

I managed to meet up with an old friend(ex classmate in secondary school) of mine today. Wayne (Sim) has been here for many years now and he's very much the opposite of who I am. Oh well, somehow we managed to clique well through our fairfield days.

He brought me to this Japanese restaurant where they sold bentobox meals. Was good seh. So over lunch we were reminiscing the past school days- He was my "back of the class" seat buddy and before he became prefect, the two of us were the only av reps for our class. Our form/chinese teacher was this old lady(Zhang Lang) who would always want the hi fi system up with her mic plugged in before her lessons starts. So fancy us being the av reps, we were the two guys who had to always carry and set up her precious hi fi system. Thing was, since we both didn't really like chinese lessons, we took our own sweet time to set up everything, everytime. Delaying as much as we could hahaaha.

Anyway, Wayne was kind enough to bring me around to different parts of the city. Managed to find out some new and comfy places. After all these years, prolly 9 years and counting, we're still just the same old buddies that we were. :]

So this is the typical Wayne Sim look. Busy and flustered with work.

Oh ya, I didn't have a chance to really talk bout what I happened yesterday but you can find out more here. Basically the photos will just describe what happened la. My brains were prolly frozen so my body just acted on its own. Then we have:

That's Roche, Nutella and Snickers Gelato for me.

And a nice evening shot along Russell St.

State Library.

Swanston St.

Now for the benefit of those(SHORTIE) who've been requesting more pictures of my place:

Yea as you can see its the door into my room

Then thats when my room door is closed with my luggage standing along the cupboard. Plus the hall

The other half of the hall with a door leading to a walkway. Turn left my room, turn right housemate's room + toilet/laundry/shower. I've got a special post coming up soon. Its gonna blow your minds away. CHEH.



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