January 28, 2010
2ND POST OF 2010

I guess its a sign to blog since my tagboard's suddenly filled with weird posts! eeks.I don't know who comes here anyway!

I've got less than 5 more weeks to go. 80% flying on the 28th of Feb! Hopefully I get pushed to First Class like how Xin Long kana! hehehe.

Let me list the few things that are currently on my plate. Worship ministry, syc std, yi live, yi web(media), abit of wordaid?, discipleship. I'm actually very happy to be working on all these! I remember talking to God one day and telling Him how I wanna be fully utilizing my time for His kingdom purpose when I'm back here and each time I'm back He never fails to open up opportunities for me to just serve to my fullest!

I'm especially thankful to Him and of course my parents for providing me with the Bold. It has been such a tool for organizing and really keeping myself up to date with the influx of mails flying in during the day!

On the whole, God has been blessing me heaps! And I'm just overwhelmed at the things that have been happening around me, large and small. And to end off totally random and weird. Here's the clip that cracked me up.

January 4, 2010

Happy 2010 to all!
This is going to be a great year!!
I can already sense the change happening from within!
Time to continue more on my books!!