July 24, 2007
Visual Feast!

So today we had a 2 hour lunch break. Since the weather's changed to all sunny and fair, we decided to take a walk at one of the parks in the city. Introducing...

Magnificent view. Standing in the middle of two rows of tall trees leading to the centre of the structure. We just stood there and marveled or maybe it was just I who awed away.

The fountain that I got fascinated with.

See I told you!

I also have this fetish for trees.

See I told you again!

Some more close ups! :D

One of the back alley pathways at school

View from my classroom

I stood in the middle of the road to take this photo.

This's one of my lecturers. Leo.. He's by far the more engaging one.

spooked. More to come. :D

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