October 21, 2007
the E word.

ok ppl! i need you guys to pray for me, my exams are beginning tmr and i'm feeling quite nervous about it.

please pray that:
1. i'll be able to focus
2. Holy Spirit will lead me
3. No panics
4. Cautious
5. Know every single thing on the paper as well as the practicals.

ok that's all for now.. thank you all!


October 11, 2007

wahh.. i tell you my blood boil sial!

ok.. was studying in the library when suddenly a HUGE group of chinese nationals, all middle-aged men and women, came into the library. I guess they were on some exchange of some sort.

They stood at any space available in this congested library and then the worst happened! Everyone took out their cameras and started flashing the whole library. And I don't mean like there was one photographer who went ard taking pictures. It was all of them!

You know how at stadiums before a soccer match or concert, you'll see tons of flashes from the crowd? Ya! Exactly the same lor. In your face kinda flash that lasted for a good 10 minutes. Macam we're some specimen for them sial.

okok back to studying, just laying my mini frustrations. how's everyone? keke


October 10, 2007
5 Liner



Miss noobs.


Exams soon