November 24, 2007

Its been eons since I last updated.

For the few loyal ones-

Firstly, I want to thank God for granting me good results. For once in my life, I feel I've done my part to achieve something good. That's a fact, I was playful in the past. Did all sorts of stuff but study and then realised that I've wasted heaps of time doing pointless, nothingness.
So for once, I've done the ppl around me proud by putting in effort.

Next, today's worship was really strong. The presence of God was mighty and tangible. Glad that the congregation's beginning to open up to free worship. The past few sermons on the presence of God helped them realise the power of being in God's presence.

Veh happy that Maikal's back. Really really really really! Our team's close to reunion (cept for woody ]: ). nanunekardilerukirai..