July 12, 2007

As promised previously, here's the ultimate post! k la, its prolly not that ultimate as it seems but I found it really really HILARIOUS!!

Ok so today we're gonna play a game called, WO CHAI WO CHAI WO CHAI CHAI DAO LE! (I guess I guess I guess guessed it). To set the mood, I start off by giving you one picture to familiarise yourselves with the era we're in.

p.s please click on the pictures to enlarge to get a better/clearer look.

I present you.... (cowbell roll)... "The Passion For Jesus, TC Camp"

from left, clockwise direction, we have: Mervin Tan, Dawn, Xiao Lin, Wan Ping, Mini Quack(ok yes i know), Aaron Fong, Derek, Chloe Tan, June Lin, Jonathan Lee, Weijie, Huijun & Jerming. If you've guessed all the names in the above picture correctly then you're ready to roll..

Next we have Advanced Stage: "Bind Us Together, Church Camp". Please guess them in groups of 4-5s. HA.

1. Big Weijie, Aaron Yeh, Mini Quack, Kelvin Watt!
2. Gabriel Song, Edgar Lai(whose pose never changes), Weisheng, Aaron Fong, James Tan
3. Biao-Ge, Duno Who, Alvin(Nana's Bro), Adrian Tang, Ah Goon
4. Nana, Jesline(James Tan's Sis), Huijun, June, Wan Ping, Yoke Hiong

Finally the Ultimate Stage:

1. Shawn Kok
2. June
3. Pin Fen
4. Desmond Seow
5. Aaron Yeh
6. Chen Jer Huih (Jerming's Bro)
7. Janice Poon
8. Clarine Cheo (PD's Sister)
9. Chen Jer Shih

Congratchurasions! You managed to guess ppl with large horn rimmed glasses!



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