July 18, 2008
Pope's A Rockstar!

Pope's in Sydney this week and the papers have been talking about him non stop for the past few days. Check out how the people welcomed the Pope!! WOOO!!! Best thing is the headlines were sth like. "Pope the Rockstar"! NGP!!

July 15, 2008
Grateful to God

Hi I just take some time to thank everyone who came down yesterday to send me off.

RX, Nana, Kallang, Shortie, JR, Evan, Rhea, Weishun, Ana, Gid.

and also to everyone else who msg'd sweet encouragements. :]

I landed safely at 6.10am and managed to scramble out of the customs/baggage checks by 6.50am. Met JC for brekkie @ some nais humble place at North Melb then started running around school to pay fees and renew healthcare blah.

Barely slept on the plane, they turned off the lights for awhile and b4 anyone could fully doze off, the lights were back on. So kinda tired now.

Other than that, I received a NAIS surprise when I checked my results this morning.

Full HDs, 82,94,95,96. Thank God :]]] veh happy. Update soon. Gonna go back and snooze.

Updated from a Mac in the library.