August 7, 2009
Phlegmatically Sanguine

As promised, more pictures! Ok la not alot here cos I haven't bought any memory card for the camera yet. Only could save a few pictures within the in-built memory. Pardon some of the blurry shots cos abit too dark hehehe.

We did a series of personality tests, first DISC then the personality tree aka Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic. Amazingly none of the members were Choleric hehehe! I'm under Phlegmatic but somehow my whole urban life group seems to think I'm a Sanguine instead.

Had a great night sharing and worshipping together, am really excited for the future of our group. Ok enough talk, let me introduce some of the people that came today!

Ravi the Sri Lankan who grew up in Dubai but now works in Australia, Doug the ABC from Perth

Stuart and Shan the MasterCHEF!!! +couple

Yenyi my sidekick guitarist and Sam the Gaytarfreak (-couple)

Xinlong my jogging partner! Charlotte and Theresa!

Juni (my leader) and Charline!

And the Sanguines gather!


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