March 26, 2009
Guitar Talk

my hands are getting real itchy for some good solid wood guitars. over the past few months i've been looking at various mid ranged guitars and i think most of you should know by now that my final conclusion is the epiphone masterbilt series.

i went down the other day to just test the guitar and fell in love with the low action solid tone that was coming out. somehow it felt much better than playing the martin d28(yes the original) or the taylor 300 series at another guitar shop. stephen can verify that for me. maybe it was the acoustics of the shop that made the martin and gibson sound less erm enticing.

to top things off. the masterbilt has an inbuilt baggs active element pickup which was what i've been craving for all these while. will this be a good investment? i don't think i'll be able to ever afford a martin or gibson for that matter. so i'll just settle for the epiphone that suits me. just like what stephen showed me earlier-

that's prolly what i'm getting. not the real deal but sure feels and looks like the real thing! haha


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