February 25, 2009
Why my net's down

My internet connection's going to be down for the next 5-7days. WOW. I almost hyperventilate upon hearing that lor. ok so that's the bad news. Thank God for RMIT's internet.

The good news is: its down coz my landlady's husband decided to upgrade the plan for me. They actually asked me if it was too slow for me to do my work and I kinda told them the truth la, it was like having a connection in a cave up in the mountains.

So being such nais people, they called Telstra's Bigpond (basically the monopolizer of the whole comms industry here in Australia) and the tech guys over there told us that by Monday 12mn, everything would be upgraded.

Tuesday afternoon, no connection. Called to check. Was transferred to a filipino call centre telling us that it takes at least 3-5 working days for our plan to be activated. HUH? Back home in sg, you just call and tell them what u want and in 30 mins you get it lor! ok la maybe I'm overreacting, coz they need to package the plan and ship it from Philippines. -_-

Anyways, its kinda bittersweet going through this no connection process. I kinda get too bored but at the same time I find so much time to do so many other stuff. ok la if there's anything you guys need, like some aussie pork or beef, please sms/call me or drop me a mail and I'll reply when I see some connection.


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