February 14, 2009

rehi blog. after 12 days. kekekee

lets see what's been going on. basically trying to cram as much time as possible for all those dearlybeloved in my life. it always sucks when u've got 3 and half months of vacation to spare but only the last 2 weeks of it seems to be the most crunching ones. macam i wasn't back at all lor for the past few months? oh well.

i finally know what to buy with my world of sports voucher given to me by the noobs last birthday lol. that's like almost 8months liao, hopefully still valid seh. 

it's 6.24am on my clock and i went to bed at 3.30am? oh man. i've been sleeping much lesser these days knowing that I'm heading back soon. 

i'm really pleased with sycamorestudios. we're finally moving in a forward direction. i personally wanna thank wq and gang for coming down to help us. without you guys we're just people walking in the dark. i'll think of hw to show my gratitude soon k, in terms of action la. 

this time tomorrow i'll be at the airport on my way to penang! i haven't had penang charkwayteow/laksa since the last Mar Vista church camp. Think I was just, 10? Can't remember, anyone who can remember please enlighten me.

i had a great time at quality hotel the other day, thanks rx/nana/gidren/hanyang/stephen/sunil/kumyong! 

oh one thing for drivers or rather if you have a driver in your family to note. just a few hours ago, there was some guy trying to break into vehicles at my neighbourhood carpark. my dad saw him and tried to chase but he managed to dash off. he was using the long thin metal sheet + a hanger to open the locks of some pickups parked. only reason i can think of why he's doing that is coz those are the ones without any alarm system. so to play safe, mb don't put any valuables in the car la hor. 

ok i shall stop the randomness here. thanks for reading. :]


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