February 16, 2009
Nonya Baba

Penang Day 2

We made a big mistake trying "Rou Gu Cha Wang(Ba Ku Teh King). King my foot, king of louya food more like it. cheh! Wasted one nais meal which could've been spent else where.

Went over to Komtar/Prangin mall. Komtar = dead town worse than queensway shopping centre. Prangin = Far East. All the punky stuff and bright colored teenage clothing. Haven't even bought a single thing for myself. Prolly won't.

Dinner was bezz bro. Went to this place called Nonya Baba. Recommended by heaps of food reviewers, lonely planet, globetrotter etc. Went in and the boss told us she actually prepared the food that's on the xiao niang re show. apparently part of the show was filmed in penang the house part i think. its really nais. every dish has a different flavour to it complementing each other. whole family gobbled up everyth dang fast. kinda scary. will post pictures on fb and here tmr once i land.

We made friends with a nais hotel taxi driver who offered to bring us ard. He brought us everywhere sia. To sight see etc. Tell us history explain bla etc. bezzz.

Anyway its kinda monotonous in the night coz there's nothing much to do. Juno's on Star Movies now. oh well. tc blog. <3.


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