September 21, 2008

Why do you either not turn up for classes or stroll in after 1 hour through the lesson?
Since the start of the semester till now, you'd rather stay home and read your cheenapok hiphop/basketball/gaming/entertainment news than read a single chapter.
Even practical tests you'd skip them without worry.
Assignments due and you'd email your files to me, asking me to submit them for you.
The night before submission you'd be asking me to send you my files or asking me to search and find the answers for you.
I am amazed at why you're here in the first place.
I pity your parents who work their asses off to support your education that you don't even value.
No way am I going to send/give/help if you're not even helping yourself in the first place.
I'd rather help the guy who gets on his feet and goes ard and asks "would you have some change to spare?".


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