April 21, 2008
Updates from the phone.

Since everyone's been bugging me for updates, here're some pictures took from my phone here in Melbourne. Here's today's foggy weather. Normally on a sunny day you'd be able to see the city scrapers. Not today.

The view from my computer lab and yes that's youtube on my comp screen. No I'm not a chao slacker, I just finished my test earlier than the others so I get to relax more KAKAKA. That's one of the city scrapers at the background and dark clouds forming up. I remember this day, the winds went up to 140km/h causing destruction throughout Melbourne. 2 ppl died from roof collapse

Ah this is Altona, one of the suburbs about 14km away from the city. I was practicing driving one day so my friend let me drive from the city to the Altona beach. Awesome sight! Sun was setting, winds were strong, those aren't kites at the backgrd. Those are Wind Surfers. Its like they have this parachute with a handle where they hang onto while they're on the surfboard. Wherever the wind blows, they glide! Nice! Oh ya, this photo was taken on a jetty out into the sea.

Picture taken at: Cafe just beside my school building. Best name for an IT guy like me. Its called, Carlton Megabytes! That is a chicken schnitzel. Angmohs here love it in their sandwiches. So happens that day they had a heart shaped one left.

Picture taken at KOKO Blacks, a chocolate bar cafe. What you see here is one of their signature drinks, Hot Chocolate Mocha. wahhhh thinking of it makes me droooool.


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