September 25, 2007

Its been too long since I last blogged. Sorry for the delay guys, just didn't know what to write about yet.

Just to update my guys back home. Its my mid-semester break now and just like what Leo(my teacher) mentioned, its not a time to rest, its the time for you to CATCH UP. wah fierce sial hear oredi.

I've heard so much about the Z3 Retreat! Really sad that I can't be a part of what happened. "DUNO LEH EHEHHEHEE" akakakka. piang gh, you every quarter got some pet phrase lor!! It was heartwarming to see everyone gather as one big family again. Especially after years of serving as separate teams, team1 prolly doesn't know much bout team2 or team3, vice versa(ce).

Jason was telling me about matching the bodyparts thing. So just for the fun of it, here's my bodypart description of team1, my cell group.

Engyeh - Head/Intestines
Head for obvious reasons lar. That he makes the crucial decisions for us. Intestines, for the tahan'ing our shyte all these years haha.

Kallang - Heart
Simply coz, the heart consistently gives/pumps blood to the rest of the body. Same goes for Kallang as she blesses us constantly with gifts, food, cards, photos etc.

Shortie - Nerves
Sensitive to everyone's needs. To the needs of the team. When gotten on, produces a reaction. kaka

GH - Funny Bone
Basically, he makes alota funny comments and phrases. from LM@O KAKAKA to DUNO LEH HEHEHEHE. May hurt when ppl hit him with criticisms. Rather sensitive to things said towards him.

Evan - Right hand
He has a strong mindset and opinion. Firm in certain ways and ability/potential to lead many.

Woody & JR - Two Feet
Coz Woody and JR are most of the time together. So they come in a pair. Always dependable. Faithfully serving from beginning till now. When not around, we're crippled.

Jason - Eyes
He looks and observes alot but says only when the time is right, especially when they're lame jokes. Provides very good suggestions.

Teefy - Ligament
Good support and connection to different parts of the body. In a way when we get carried away (when the ligament stretches for the body part to move more)with our ideas, she'll be able to bring us back(retract) into focus on the important stuff. May snap when over stretched. kakakaka.

Huiping -Navel
No bad intentions! Simply, I don't know Huiping well yet. Plus she's new to all of us ma.. So the navel is always hidden, until the time is right then it will show. E.g ppl shy won't take off their clothes to swim(hide navel). But when everyone is comfy with each other, maitu liao just strip and chiong into the pool(show navel). ahh soo likewise, it'll be just some time before her gift and character is unveiled.

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