September 7, 2007

It is always good to have someone living in a foreign land who speaks Singlish like no one's business! Especially when its getting all mundane through mid-semestral studies.

JC or should I say Corny or C---no, was my sister's classmate in secondary school and have been living down under for quite some time now. But ever since, my sis got us acquainted, we're macam like long lost friends sial.

Anyway, it was nice simple supper @ SUPPER INN(no joke that's the name of the restaurant). With little chats here and there with JC's sis whom I've yet to figure out what her name is. All in all, I enjoyed the little company we had.

Makes me miss everyone back home even more. The hanging out with GH everyday after work at JP/WM. Going to monday pracs with team 3. Having our usual z3 prac on friday nights and the clueless wait after service every saturday before we head off for dinner at BOAGIES ahaha. Dinner with my family every Sunday and movies once in a while with GH and Jason.

All these little things I did with you guys back home really bring me lotsa fond memories.

ok lar actually i just wanted to say in my words. i miss you all lar. cheh!
haha just to update you guys, i'm doing quite well in school as well as spending time w maikal ahahah! :]] my exams will prolly be end of oct to early nov so if God permits, i'll be back early nov lar.

ok that'll be all for now. more pics after tmr!

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Anonymous Kallang said...

early NOv?? Yeah!!! looking forward to dat man -we miss U loads too!!

September 10, 2007 at 12:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


May 15, 2010 at 7:29 PM  

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